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“M. Tumi Swigart provides expert acupuncture treatment, in a confident, professional manner, making sure to cater to each patients individual needs. The treatment facilities are maintained spotless-clean, with an inviting, comfortable atmosphere."

~Gleb Velikanov,

Portland, OR

"I was not one for Eastern medicine. I was your typical nay sayer who thought it was a lot of mumbo jumbo. After years of having back pain that was enough to hinder some activities but not enough to do anything major I decided to give Accupuncture a try. Now I am the biggest advocate of Accupuncture! My body took to it and so did my well being. I have learned so much more through Tumi than I have with my primary care physician. She takes the time to listen and is really concerned. I never get that kind of attention from my other prividers and I feel much better. I used to get massages but now I use Accupuncture because not only does my body feel rejuvenated but so does my mind and soul."


"My experience of receiving acupuncture from Tumi throughout my recovery from a car accident has been supportive and profoundly beneficial. After each appointment, I feel a noticeable increase of energy and ease in my body. Through the use of gentle acupuncture needling, cupping and massage, Tumi helps me to fully relax and allow my ailing body to recover and release tensions - both physical and emotional. Tumi's attentive and compassionate nature puts me at ease and supported me in fully opening up and receiving the work. In addition to her caring ways, Tumi possesses an intuitive and intelligent quality that guides her to know exactly what to do with confidence and grace. I am grateful for the care that I receive."

- Kara

"I started acupuncture about 1 year ago with Tumi. At that point the main focuses that were bothering my body where my feet(heels) and my

migraine headaches. My heels had hurt for about 3 years and I had went through numerous pairs of orthodic insoles to try and relieve the pain, combined with numerous bottles of ibuprofen. I had just assumed that I was going to have heel pain because my job required me to walk a lot and carry heavy amounts of weight daily. After I told Tumi about this, she quickly figured out that the tendons on the sides of my calves were overly tight and since they extend around the bottom of the foot that could be what was creating the problem. Within 3 weeks of acupuncture and massage to my feet and calves my heel pain had gone away! I am happy to say that since then I have not had any feet pain since, and I no longer need orthodic insoles. While this was the main focus at the time I didn't mention to Tumi how bad that my headaches had been over the past couple of years. I had tried 5 different medicines with none healing me, just masking the pain. But as the weeks with Tumi continued I felt the tension in my sinuses and neck lessen and lessen and I am now migraine free, simply from neck, shoulder and back therapy. I was astounded! At about two months I realized that all my minor injuries were surfacing as the major ones had been healed. Overall my body stress level would lessen each week. My right wrist was slightly sore at times and she within three weeks had that feeling great again. I also have not been sick once all year(possible coincidence). Now I go weekly for maintenance, and to keep my circulation and well being feeling well from head to toe. It amazes me how many Americans have never tried acupuncture, and I am very glad I finally did!"

~Tommy, age 29